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Bigger Than Me’s Mission:

Bigger Than Me was founded because we believe that, together, we can bring the citizens of the South progressive candidates that represent the diverse ideology of the people from Louisiana to North Carolina and every in between.

As we all saw in the 2020 election in states like Georgia…

There is a hunger for real progressives in the South. Unfortunately, traditional progressive resources are not always focused on these efforts as they were in Georgia.

Bigger Than Me is dedicated to finding, recruiting and supporting progressive candidates across the South for every office from local elections to Senate runs to give people the opportunity to vote for someone who’s ideology matches their own. Bigger Than Me’s priority is to create a team of candidates across the South, who are all supporting one another’s candidacy and working with one another to get elected.

It’s time to give voice to the progressives of the South

About Bigger Than Me’s Founder, Gary Chambers:

Gary Chambers’ mission in life is Do Good, Seek Justice. He’s been leading the fight for a better, more just Louisiana, but he knows he can’t limit his work to his own backyard. Gary is a leading social justice advocate based in Baton Rouge, who is committed to leading progressives across the South.

Chambers, an entrepreneur and co-founder of the media outlet, The Rouge Collection, is a noteworthy social justice advocate and community organizer who has been featured in outlets such as 225 Magazine (2017 People to Watch edition), Wired Magazine, The New York Times, CNN, Morning Joe, and Roland Martin Unfiltered for his tireless efforts in advancing the most disenfranchised communities in Baton Rouge and as a champion of systemic change. As an advocate for progressive change, his work has contributed to changes in police policies, healthcare access for citizens of North Baton Rouge, an increase in minority-owned businesses acquiring contracts with the city-parish government and the retention of the Baton Rouge Zoo in North Baton Rouge as a primary economic driver.

Chambers ran for Louisiana’s Second Congressional Seat in a special election in 2021. He inspired a movement, raising nearly half a million dollars and winning large in the districts his opponents represented in elected office. He did not advance into a runoff, narrowly, by 1500 votes.

Unfortunately, traditional progressive resources were not placed towards his candidacy in the same way they are in states considered to be more competitive. Gary realized in that election that his calling is to get progressives elected across all of the South after meeting so many incredible grassroots organizers across the district and witnessing the hunger in the South for real, progressive change.

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